Thursday, 18 September 2008

Jamie's Sports Thought 19/9/08

It’s a bugger to be getting old eh?

I detest technology and technology hates me back with interest.

Most functions on a computer are still a mystery to me and surplus to requirements. I’ve no idea how to tune a television with a remote, let alone work the remote or a home theatre system. Facebook and i-pods are things I hear my kids talk about but can’t see myself ever figuring out.

I do, however, make some exceptions when it comes to being dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century. Like many who spend the majority of their working lives a slave to a computer, I must admit I could not function without e-mail and I’d battle these days to survive without Google. It’s a glorified Encyclopedia Britannica for old guys.

There is one other piece of new technology I’ve grown to love, and figured out how to work, in a short space of time. It’s called My Sky.

Don’t ask me how it works because all I know is that since we’ve replaced a decrepit old VCR with My Sky, My Life has become infinitely more pleasurable. I can arrive home any time of the day or night to the latest version of news, sport, current affairs or Coronation Street , which I can enjoy, minus the commercials, at my leisure.

Tonight’s a cracker on the box for sporting sofa sloths and a perfect example of the beauty of My Sky. My first port of call will be the Stags in the must-win clash against Tasman at 7-35pm. That provincial loyalty will be sorely tested at 8-30pm when the Warriors take on the Roosters in the sudden death NRL play-off.

Unless the Stags really run away with the game in Blenheim, I’ll be sticking with them until the final whistle, by which time the Warriors at Mount Smart should at the half time break.

And that’s where My Sky comes into play. It’s back to the start of the league. Some judicious fast-forwarding through unnecessary stoppages in play and the extended half time break and I reckon I won’t be a mile away from finishing the game in real time just after 10pm.

All of which leaves time for a Stags-inspired celebratory hot cocoa drink before bed and a My Sky re-run of last night’s episode of Coronation Street.

It’s a bugger to be getting old eh?

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