Thursday, 23 July 2009

How dumb are the three wisemen?

Southland-bias aside, what has Jimmy Cowan done to be dropped for the first Springbok test? His 50 minutes at Eden Park were amongst his best in an All Black jersey. Henry can talk all he wants about speed but this All Black side is going to do a lot of defending in the opening stanza of this test.

Who better to weather the storm from the physical foe than the world’s best defensive halfback? And if they’re hell-bent on replacing Cowan why not give the outstanding Piri Weepu a start? They’re stuck in the mindset of Weepu being an impact player. What’s wrong with making an impact in the first minute?

How dumb is the NZRU? Quite rightly, next year it will revert to a 10-team Air New Zealand Cup, increasing the window for the club rugby, the life blood of our national game.

Rugby Southland, to its credit, got it right with all the top players available for the Galbraith Shield final a couple of weeks ago. Dopey old Otago has its metropolitan club final this weekend between Southern and Dunedin. The top players have been out of action for past two weeks meaning the play-offs have been farcical with University A, Dunedin’s premier team, dipping out prior to last weekend’s semi-finals.

A 14 team Air New Zealand Cup was always a cop out and only came about because of weak-kneed, indecisiveness from the NZRU. All Blacks get dropped for poor decision-making. It’s about time some of their bosses suffered the same fate.

Where were you and what were you doing on July 21 (NZ time), 1969, when man first walked on the moon? For reasons best known only to my 9 year old brain, I decided to forgo listening to Neil Armstrong making a giant leap for mankind in favour of some small steps and a pet cocker spaniel-foxy dog called Wally.

While the rest of family gathered round the wireless for the historic moment at 2-56pm, I decided to mark the occasion by sitting on the front steps of our house, patting Wally. If it has achieved nothing else, it has preserved his memory for an eternity in mine.

At the time it seemed like a good idea but perhaps, in hindsight, there were two Wallys all those 40 years ago.


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