Monday, 24 October 2011

A good week for Fonterra

# Big Farming Story of the Week: A good week for Fonterra.

Putting aside the continued rumblings over Trading Among Farmers, it’s been a good week for the country’s biggest company. Last Wednesday’s Global Dairy Trade Event saw the arrest of a four month slide in dairy commodity prices with the TWI up 1.7%. Last week Fonterra also collected a record daily total of 81.2 million litres with the promise of more to come. And fittingly, on Labour Day, the mega cooperative shouted the nation for its 10th birthday with celebrations in Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton, Hawera, Palmerston North, Ashburton and Invercargill. Hard-working cow cockies put on a 60,000-strong sausage sizzle, ice-cream treats and some of the biggest names in New Zealand music, including Dave Dobbyn, Hello Sailor, Tiki Taane and Stan Walker. All free of charge. Smart move Fonterra!

# Big Political Story of the Week: Let the election campaign proper begin!

Hands up if you’d like us to host a Rugby World Cup in New Zealand every three years if it meant the election campaign could be mercifully compressed to just five weeks? And to paraphrase an Aussie advertising campaign, “Winston, where the bloody hell are ya?”

# Big Sporting Story of the Week: 24 Long Years Ago!

In 1987 the world’s population reached five billion, double the 1950 figure. Global share markets collapsed. David Lange’s Labour government was re-elected for a second term in office and New Zealand went nuclear free. GST went from 10% to 12.5%. Lotto was introduced. Posting a letter cost 40 cents (up from 30c). Crowded House went to number two on the American Top 40 with Don’t Dream It’s Over and the All Blacks won the inaugural Rugby World Cup, defeating France 29-9 at Eden Park.

Twenty four years is a long time between drinks and many drinks have been downed in the interim to drown our four-yearly cycle of sorrow. While I write without knowledge of the final score, I know our time has come. Cheers Richie!

# Brickbat: Red Cards at the RWC.

What should have been a wonderful night for Wales, with a resultant dream final between the world’s two most passionate rugby nations, was ruined by a red card. That card might have been better served on Ali Williams. I admire him as a rugby player but sometimes he can be a bit of a dick. Case in point, his behavior at the press conference when he childishly answered his namesake, Sonny Bill’s, questions. The All Blacks, led admirably by the incredibly humble Richie McCaw, have been a public relations dream even though one or two of their coaches have, on occasion, fallen prey to smug, smart-arse-answers. Sure, Cory and Izzy might have had a lapse in judgement but to err is human for young men. Besides, whatever rocket fuel they were drinking, it worked a treat!

# Bouquet: RWC Humour.

In 1991 three young kids were playing on the streets of Sydney when they were run over by a bus and killed. They all go to heaven and St Peter, waiting at the Pearly Gates, says to them, "You weren't supposed to die. You were all supposed to live out your lives. This was not your time. To make it up to you, I'll let you choose what you want to do with your life. Take a running jump off of that cloud over there and, as you're flying back down to Earth, shout out what you want to do. And so it shall be."

The first kid takes a running leap and shouts "lawyer" and so, 20 years later, he is a very successful lawyer, making lots of money, with an upcoming appointment to the Bench.
The second kid takes his turn and shouts "brain surgeon" and so, 20 years later, he is the most admired man in his field of medicine and making a ton of money saving lives.
The third kid goes to take his turn, and as he runs he trips over his own feet and stumbles of the cloud muttering to himself "stupid, clumsy, uncoordinated idiot". Twenty years later, he's playing first-five for the Wallabies.


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