Sunday, 2 November 2008

Election '08 - Agricultural Policies

Follow these links to the major parties' Agricultural policies:

Labour - Labour values the contribution of our rural communities - they are the backbone of our country and an integral part of our history and our future prosperity.

National - Agriculture is the backbone of New Zealand’s economy and will be at the heart of the economic step change that our country so badly needs.

NZ First - For far too long the vital contribution of New Zealand's rural sector has been under valued by successive governments.

Greens - All rural production land must be managed in ecologically sustainable ways.

Act - ACT acknowledges that Agriculture is the backbone of the New Zealand economy and the role of government should be to create an environment where the industry can flourish in the most free and efficient manner.

United Future - UnitedFuture recognises the importance of primary industries to the security and prosperity of New Zealand.


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